Preparing for Seasonal Trends in Vape Sales

Markets peak, warm up, and cool off just like the seasons throughout the year, and vape marketing is no exception to this natural cycle. If your business is able to keep up with– and acclimate to– e-cigarette vape market trends, your shop will have a higher chance of thriving. From higher sales to inventory management, and from customer satisfaction to increases in traffic, being willing to keep your ear to the ground for seasonal shifts in vaping will yield successes that you might not have anticipated by letting your shop run on autopilot. In this VaporBeast blog, we’ll go over a few key components for staying top of the game and being prepared for a range of natural market fluctuations.

Understanding the Reasons for Seasonal Fluctuations

First and foremost, let’s talk about a few of the obvious factors that impact the sales forecast for vape shops. Opportunities within the holiday season can nearly always be accounted for with the emergence of seasonal vape juice, 4/20, Christmas gifts, and so on. Beyond preparing for and pushing fall season vape juice trends, etc., it’s important to consider the warm season, too! Summer time vape deals and devices can emerge from Memorial and Labor Day sales, and summer vacations; not to mention, being outside in general tends to cause an uptick in smoking and vaping overall! A third factor that causes new vape trends to emerge throughout the year is a shift in regulations, health reports, and new products, which can help or harm sales, depending on the nature of the shift.

Preparing Your Inventory

Shop owners should also be ready to prep their inventory when anticipating a shift in the vape industry forecast. Remember those summer sales and holidays we mentioned earlier? Making sure that you’re stocked up on evergreen products that seem to sell themselves– and offloading less popular items that don’t seem to catch customer interest– are both vital parts of the process, and will help you stay afloat in the on- and off-seasons. Making sure you have enough room and cash flow for hot new items is also important– after all, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to sell the next greatest seasonal vape juice or device because you’re unable to accommodate change!

Marketing Strategies Aligned with Seasonal Trends

Strategizing the way your shop handles the vape industry forecast can be an important factor in making the most out of the peak seasons and trends. Offering promotions on the latest and greatest new vape trend and having sales on items that aren’t selling well can help boost numbers and increase traffic. Make sure to utilize tools like email marketing campaigns, social media promos, and seasonal deals throughout the year, and never be afraid of a little collaboration– communicate with brands and manufacturers about upcoming devices and flavors, or even cross-promote with other businesses in your community for citywide sales.

Diversifying Product Range

Your shop also has to be able to recognize off-season opportunities: products that may not be top-selling but maintain regular sales are great candidates for promotions before and after the holidays. Opportunities like kits, packages, and other bundles can help you offload certain e-juices and devices that don’t typically sell by pairing them with a hot item that season. You can gauge and experiment with customer interest by trying different strategies with new product launches, and you can regain interest in products that have gotten less popular by having flashy new sales and cross promotions with items from the same brand or type of product.

Forecasting and Financial Preparedness

As a last tip, you should always be prepared to budget responsibly for the increase in stock– while it’s important to invest in products that you know will sell during peak seasons, make sure to save money by investing less in items that steadily decrease in popularity. Perform year-over-year analyses on sales at the same time last year and see if you’re experiencing increases or downtrends. This can also help you set realistic financial targets and expectations for each season. And, of course, you’ll always have to be financially prepared for postseason dips– keep plenty of money in the business, offer fire sales when things slow down, and don’t over-invest in products until you’ve properly analyzed the upcoming trends!


The world of vaping moves fast, and e-cigarette vape market trends are just as fast– if not faster! Knowing what to look out for and preparing your shop with the right strategies can save you a lot of money and a lot of stress. Always keep up with resources like blogs and customer reviews to know what the expect in the upcoming season. Our devices, e-liquids, and accessories are always here to keep you in the game the right way. Be sure to reach out to our customer support team for any more questions about new vape trends and e-juices, and good luck next season!