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USPS Exemptions

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In 2021, new federal regulations were amended to include all vapor products under the PACT Act. Due to these changes, the USPS was forced to discontinue most shipments of Vape products.

Fortunately, VaporBeast was able to work with carriers to receive an an exemption for our Business-to-Business transactions. In order to include your business in this exemption, which will allow you to legally receive shipments via USPS, we must obtain your Tobacco or Vapor License as well as your Sales & Use License or a Tax License for each vape related business you operate.

  1. The Name and address listed on the license will be the only address permitted to receive vapor shipments. If you move your business to a new location, you will need to provide us with a new license which includes your new address, which we will submit for carrier approval.
  2. If you operate multiple locations, you will need to provide a license for each location.
  3. The license must be current and cannot be expired. If a license “never expires,” and shows no expiration date, the expiration will be submitted with 1/1/2099 as the expiry date

To view examples of the State Licenses you are required to upload, please visit https://www.vaporbeast.com/pact-act-documents where we have available examples from each state for your convenience. If you need assistance with these documents, please contact your VaporBeast sales representative; we’ll be glad to help. Please submit as soon as possible to avoid any potential upcoming deadlines. For more PACT Act information go here.

Once your address is verified and updated in our system, USPS shipping methods will be available in the checkout. For security purposes, you cannot modify or delete the address attached to your account.