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VaporBeast carries a vast selection of wholesale E-liquids in Extra-large bottles, ranging from 60mL to over 120mL. Here you can find the most delicious and popular vape juices in a variety of flavors from the greatest and largest brands, including Charlie’s Chalk Dust, Beard Vape Co, Squeeze, AirFactory, Vapetasia, Kilo, and many more. Save on shipping and spring for more E-liquid at one time with an extra-large wholesale E-liquid bottle! Get the best deals on bulk vape juice when you buy a big bottle of vape juice at VaporBeast.

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What Is the Largest Size Available for Vape Juices?

The largest size available for vape juices is typically 100mL, or a pair of 60mL. This size is popular among vapers who prefer to have a larger quantity of e-liquid on hand without the need for frequent refills. Vape shop owners can shop from a wide selection of 100ml vape juice at wholesale prices.

Do People Buy Large Vape Juice Bottles?

Yes, many people buy larger vape juice bottles, such as 100mL, because it offers convenience and cost savings. Larger bottles provide a longer-lasting supply of e-liquid, reducing the need for frequent purchases and ensuring a continuous vaping experience. It is a good idea to offer these larger vape juices on your best-selling flavors.

Is It Cheaper to Buy Vape Supplies in Bulk?

Buying vape supplies in bulk can often be cheaper in the long run. When purchasing vape juice in larger quantities, such as buying multiple 100ml bottles at once, the cost per milliliter is often lower compared to buying individual smaller bottles.

What Brands Offer 120mL of E-Liquid?

Several brands offer 120mL bottles of e-liquid, typically bottled in 2 60mLs. Some popular brands that provide this larger bottle size option include Twist, The Finest, Pop Clouds, and more. These brands offer a variety of flavors and nicotine strengths in 120ml packaging, catering to different preferences.

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