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STOP the Flavor Ban!
STOP the Flavor Ban!

Tell Congress that you are NOT in support of the Flavor Ban.  Make sure your voice is heard!  Here's how you can take action: CALL the White House: 202.456.1111 SIGN the Petition to STOP Donald Trump from Signing the Federal Flavor Ban of e-Cig Products. SIGN NOW GO...

VTA Responds to CDC & FDA Statements – September 6, 2019

VTA strongly encourages all media outlets to promote the clear statement made by the FDA which fully understands the dangers posed by illicit products and the THC products at issue. VTA also reminds the media that nicotine-containing vapor products already are heavily regulated by the FDA.

VTA Responds to Trump Administration; Calls Proposal Misguided – September 11, 2019

Banning flavors would be a public health travesty. This type of government overreach, that will surely shut down more than 10,000 American small businesses, is something we’d expect from other administrations. We urge this administration to change course before millions of Americans are forced to switch back to deadly cigarettes, small businesses around the country are forced to close their doors, and tens of thousands of people are laid off.

Industry Update: An Open Letter

In an ever-changing Industry where Media hype runs rampant, we think it’s important to know the facts. VaporBeast is passionate about this Industry and we support the freedom of our customers. To provide our customers with additional information, the below letter from...


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