Independence Day Vape Shop Guide 2022

The 4th of July is coming up and is a great opportunity to offer your vape customers some amazing deals. Many folks are going to be cooking out, hitting the beach, and relaxing on vacation. If they’re into vaping, they’re definitely going to want to be fully stocked up

Summer Vacation Vape Vendor Sales Guide

The icy winter months have thawed out and summer is almost here! Many folks, especially young people, will be taking the opportunity to go on vacation to exotic locales. However, if they are vaping enthusiasts, they’re going to have to plan in advance to make sure they have enough

Wholesale Vaping Trends Forecast 2022

If you’re a vape vendor, it’s crucial to stay on top of all the hottest trends and stock the right gear accordingly. But with so many devices, juices, and accessories on the market, how do you stay ahead of the curve and cut through the noise to figure out

Best Temperature to Vape CBD & E Juice

With so many styles of vaping and device choices on the market, it can be confusing for the consumer to understand what is the ideal temperature to vape at. Depending on the compounds they are vaping, different guidelines apply. As the vape vendor, having a handle on optimal vape

The Pros and Cons of Starting a Vape Business

The vape industry has exploded  in popularity in recent years. If you’re an entrepreneur, you probably have been looking for a way to get in on the action. Opening your own vape business is an exciting yet daunting proposition. I’m sure you’re wondering: “What are the pros and cons

Top 5 Best Vape Mod Brands: The Who’s Who of Vaping

As a vape vendor, we know you’re always looking to stock the highest quality vape mods. Customers looking for more advanced fully-featured mods are especially discerning and specific in terms of what they’re seeking out. But with so many vape companies out there, how do you single out the

Vape Device Forecast 2022: What are the Hot Vapes Out this Year?

If you’re a vape vendor it’s crucial to always stock the newest and hottest devices. Your customers are continually seeking out cutting-edge technology at great prices. But with all the vape brands and products out there, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff and find the truly

Understanding The PACT Act for Wholesalers and Vape Shops

If you’re involved in the vape industry, you probably have heard of the PACT Act. Many vape shops fear they won’t be able to buy their wholesale vape devices, e cigs, vape juice, accessories, and supplies from their distributors. But don’t worry, VaporBeast is here to dispel any incorrect

Best CBD and Herbal Products for Earth Day 2022

It’s almost Earth Day and your customers are going to want to celebrate by enjoying some organic, natural CBD products. CBD has skyrocketed in popularity, especially amongst the vaping set due to the restorative physical and mental health benefits of cannabidiol. However, as a vendor it can be difficult