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Vape Pod Systems

When vaping first reached popularity, there were two kinds of devices that initially grew in status. On one side of the divide, you had disposable vape pens. These devices were portable, easy to use, and convenient, yet were lacking in longevity, versatility, and features. These were often preferred by casual vapers. On the other hand, you had box mods. These devices were powerful, fully-featured, and rugged, yet were sometimes viewed as too complicated, bulky, and impractical. These devices were preferred by more expert vapers. But soon brilliant vape manufacturers found a way to combine the best of both worlds into one device that appeals to vapers all across the skill level spectrum — the pod mod was born. 

Since their invention, pod mods have skyrocketed in popularity due to their unique status as versatile “all rounder” devices. They are compact, portable, and easy to use like disposable vapes. However, they offer increased output power, battery life, and some of the more high-end amenities more typically associated with box mods. Here at VaporBeast we have searched the vast vaping universe far and wide to bring to you only the finest bulk pod mod devices from manufacturers such as SMOK, Innokin, VooPoo, Vaporesso, GeekVape, and more. Discover our wholesale vape pod system collection right here.

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  1. SXMini Puremax Kit
    As low as $34.99
  2. VooPoo Argus P2 Kit
    As low as $29.99
  3. VooPoo Argus G2 Kit
    As low as $29.99
  4. Freemax Galex Nano S Kit
    As low as $14.99
  5. Freemax Galex Nano 2 Kit
    As low as $24.99
  6. VooPoo Argus Pro 2 Kit
    As low as $49.99
  7. VooPoo Doric E Kit
    As low as $30.99
  8. Uwell Caliburn Explorer Kit
    As low as $39.99
  9. Smok Tech247 Kit - Display with 5
    As low as $30.99
  10. Smok Novo Pro Kit
    As low as $27.99
  11. Smok Nord GT Kit - Display with 5
    As low as $40.99
  12. Vaporesso XROS Pro Kit
    As low as $44.99
  13. Suorin SE Kit
    As low as $20.99
  14. VooPoo VMATE Pro Pod Kit
    As low as $29.99
  15. GeekVape H45 Classic Kit
    As low as $34.95
  16. GeekVape Aegis Nano 2 Kit - Display with 5
    As low as $43.00
  17. GeekVape Wenax Q Mini Kit
    As low as $24.99
  18. Joyetech Evio Grip Kit
    As low as $19.99
  19. Smok Novo Master Box Kit
    As low as $27.99
  20. VooPoo Drag S2 Kit
    As low as $47.99
  21. VooPoo Drag X2 Kit
    As low as $46.99
  22. Innokin EZ Tube Zenith Minimal Kit
    As low as $34.99
  23. VooPoo Argus P1S Kit
    As low as $19.99
  24. Smok Novo Master Kit
    As low as $20.95

122 items

Vaporesso XROSVaporesso XROS

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