WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

PACT Act Document Requirements

Age Certification

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Our carriers require specific documents submitted in order to be considered for a shipping exemption. PACT Act compliance documents vary depending on your state. Select your state from the list below – if you are not familiar with these documents, please see the provided samples, though yours may vary slightly.

In addition to uploading your documents, you must also enter those numbers unique to your business on the license or certificate in the field provided. If your documents show no expiration date, please enter 01/01/99 as the expiration.

If you are unable to locate ALL required documents as listed for your state, please contact your Vapor Beast sales rep or call our offices. Incomplete submissions will be considered invalid and your business will not be included on the exemption application.

Submit Documents Here

Alabama Tobacco License
Alabama Sales Tax License
Alaska Business License
Alaska Tax License
Arizona Sales and Use Tax License
Arkansas Tobacco Permit
Arkansa Sales and Use License
California Sales and Use Permit
California Tobacco License
Colorado Nicotine License
Colorado Sales Tax License
Colorado Sales Use Tax License
Connecticut Electronic Cigarette Permit
Connecticut Sales and Use Permit
Delaware Tobacco License
District Of Columbia Sales and Use Permit
Florida Alcohol and Tobacco License
Florida Resale Certificate
Georgia Retail Tobacco License
Georgia Sales Certificate of Exemption
Georgia Sales Tax Certificate
Hawaii Resale Cert Form
Hawaii Tax License
Hawaii Vape Permit
Idaho Resale Certificate
Idaho Tax Permit
Idaho Tobacco Permit
Illinois Sale and Use Permit
Illinois Tobacco Permit
Indiana Retail Tax Permit
Indiana Tobacco Permit
Iowa Tax Permit
Iowa Vapor Permit
Iowa Vapor Permit V2
Kansas Retail Tax Permit
Kansas Vapor Permit
Kentucky Sales and Use Permit
Kentucky Sales and Use Permit V2
Kentucky Tobacco License
Louisana Tobacco Retail Permit
Lousiana Resale Certificate
Maine Resale Certificate
Maine Tobacco License
Maryland Business Vapor License
Maryland Sales and Use Permit
Maryland Vapor License V2
Massachusetts Ecig Permit
Massachusetts Sales and Use Permit
Michigan Sales Tax Permit
Minnesota tax permit
Minnesota Tobacco Permit
Mississippi Sales Tax Permit
Missouri Tax Permit
Montana Sales and Use Permit
Montana Vapor License
Nebraska Sales Tax Permit
Nebraska Tobacco License
Nevada Tobacco License V2
New Hampshire Tobacco Permit
New Jersey Sales and Use Permit
New Jersey Tobacco Permit
New Mexico Tax Permit
New Mexico Tobacco Permit
New York Resale Certifcate
New York Tax Permit
New York Vapor Permit
North Carolina Tobacco License
North Dakota Sales and Use Permit
North Dakota Tobacco License
Ohio Tax Exemption Form
Ohio Tax Permit
Ohio Tobacco Permit
Oklahoma Sales Tax Exemption form
Oklahoma Sales Tax Permit
Oregon Business License
Oregon Resale Certificate
Pennsylvania Tax Permit
Pennsylvania Tobacco Permit
Rhode Island Tobacco Permit
Rohode Island Tax Permit
South Carolina Sales Tax Permit
South Carolina Retail Tax License
South Dakota Sales Tax Permit
Tennessee Sales and Use
Texas Tobacco Permits V1
Texas Tobacco Permits V2
Texas Sales and Use Permit
Utah Sales and Use Tax Permit
Vermont Sales and Use Permit
Vermont Tobacco License
Virginia Sales and Use Permit
West Virginia Business Permit
Wisconsin Business Tax Registration
Wyoming Sales and Use Permit
Wyoming Tobacco License