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Vape Starter Kits

If you're a vape vendor, you know that one of the best deals you can offer your customer is a starter kit. Starter kits are somewhat confusingly named in that they're not just for beginners or novices. The name simply means that these bundles contain everything a vaper next to enjoy their sessions in one convenient kit. The vaper just needs to add their vape juice of choice and voilà, they're on their way to vaping valhalla. 

Generally, starter kits include the device, the charging accessories, the tank/pod, the coils, as well as documentation explaining all the functions and details of operating the device. At VaporBeast, we've scoured the vast vaping universe to bring you only the best of the best. Here you can find premium top tier kits from manufacturers such as SMOK, Innokin, Vaporesso, VooPoo, GeekVape, Suorin, and more. Looking for vape pen starter starter kits that are compact and convenient? No problem. Seeking pod mods bundles that are versatile all rounders? we've got you covered. Looking to stock box mod kits for advanced cloud-chasers? You got it. No matter what your customers are looking for, VaporBeast will make sure you're able to deliver it. Discover the whole collection right here.

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  1. Smok Novo 2C Kit
    As low as $21.99
  2. VooPoo Vinci 3 Kit
    As low as $34.95
  3. VooPoo Argus GT 2.0 Uforce-L Kit
    As low as $59.95
  4. Geekvape Boost Pro 2 Kit
    As low as $43.95
  5. Innokin Coolfire Z60 Zlide Kit
    As low as $59.99
  6. GeekVape E100I Kit
    As low as $55.95
  7. VooPoo Drag 4 Kit
    As low as $64.99
  8. Uwell Caliburn Tenet Koko Pod System
    As low as $31.95
  9. GeekVape Obelisk U Kit
    As low as $21.99
  10. Freemax Starlux 40W Kit
    As low as $34.95
  11. Freemax Maxus 2 200W Kit
    As low as $89.95
  12. VooPoo Argus Z Pod Kit
    As low as $16.95
  13. Vaporesso XROS 3 Mini Kit
    As low as $25.95
  14. Vaporesso XROS 3 Kit
    As low as $37.95
  15. Uwell Caliburn Ak3 Pod Kit
    As low as $29.95
  16. Uwell Caliburn A3 Pod System
    As low as $34.95
  17. VooPoo Vinci Pod SE Kit
    As low as $19.95
  18. VooPoo Argus P1 Pod Kit
    As low as $34.95
  19. Vaporesso ZERO 2 Kit Refreshed Edition
    As low as $27.95
  20. Vaporesso ZERO 2 Bundle
    As low as $33.95
  21. VooPoo VMATE E Pod Kit
    As low as $34.99
  22. Freemax Galex Nano Kit
    As low as $29.95
  23. Freemax Galex Kit
    As low as $27.95
  24. GeekVape Sonder U Kit
    As low as $15.95

126 items


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