How to Stay Stocked on Fast-Selling Items

The world of vaping moves fast: from product and flavor types to brands that rise and fall, the vaping industry operates at lightspeed, day and night. If you’re a retailer in need of more inventory, it can be tricky knowing when to re-up on items– especially those that fly off the shelves. In today’s blog by VaporBeast, we’ll go over a few strategies to avoid empty shelves in your shop, and we’ll discuss a few of our top selling goods and bulk deals to help keep your inventory in prime shape.

1. Know what sells

Being in touch with your inventory and everyday sales provides the pulse-check necessary to keep your stock flowing correctly. If you’re noticing a trend in a specific week or month, consider putting an order in before it runs out– customers will quickly find a different shop that offers the same item(s) if their usual spot starts drying up. Similarly, if you’ve had one specific type of accessory or device continue to sell well into the quarter– or perhaps even through the year– you can probably count on it to continue selling, in which case you should always keep some backstock for it. Referencing VaporBeast’s collections of top-selling vape mods and disposables are a great way to forecast trends at large; not to mention, they’re probably where you’ll find the items you need to restock on.

2. Know what doesn’t sell

A mistake that many retailers make is arbitrarily re-upping on supplies they don’t need, just for the sake of having an extra box in the back. If you’ve got a specific device or accessory that sits on shelves for months at a time, odds are it isn’t going anywhere– meaning you don’t need to waste money that could go toward restocking on the popular goods. In order to keep an eye on the types of items that sell, check out our collections of goods like top-selling accessories– it also serves as a great touchpoint for finding the items your store will need.

3. Listen to community feedback

In the vaping community, reviews and trends can make or break how a device performs. From underdog brands that suddenly rise to the top to heavyweight brands that constantly deliver a good product, the way these devices and accessories find success is in their user base. Listening to which devices are on the come-up, who’s now cutting corners and offering lower-quality goods, and what everyone’s favorite accessories are makes for a great strategy to stay in the know, and keeping your shelf stocked with what’s popular is an easy way to stay ahead. Lately, the Delta product world has taken the market by storm, with more and more vape shops offering Delta disposables, edibles, and cartridges to customers. This is an example of a trend that has now become a permanent fixture in the world of vaping. You never know what the next trend will be unless you keep up with what customers are saying is the next big thing.

4. Listen to the experts

Sites like VaporBeast which work to keep retailers supplied with bulk goods for brick-and-mortar locations should always keep an ear out for hot new trends and items coming from breakout brands and veteran vapes alike. Resources like our onsite blog serve as a great way to keep a finger on the pulse from the supply side of the market– knowing which items are about to take shelves by storm will only serve to help better prepare you for a wave of customers looking for a specific trendy device or accessory.

5. Have a reliable supplier partner

Having a way to get the product you need when you need them is vital when running a vape store. Having one of your best sellers stuck in shipping can be a nightmare for any store owner. Vapes especially can be a pain to ship due to regulations. That's why VaporBeast packs and ships orders fast and reliably to make sure you have what you need on time. Our US-based location means you don’t have to deal with customs fees or extended delays, and with no minimum order requirements, you can always order exactly what you need.

The bottom line is that the vape world is fickle: one week, everyone is trying out a device you’ve never heard of; the next, that device has been replaced by an even newer product, or an older brand has suddenly regained the favor of the masses. However, there are a handful of strategies you can employ to stay stocked up in the right places so your shop isn’t caught in a cloud crisis. Pay attention to what moves quickly through your inventory, and which items sit on the shelf for months on end. Always check in with reviews, community feedback, and blogs that indicate the latest trends in the vaping world. With the right tips, you’ll always know how to keep your shop on top.