CDC Narrows Vaping Warning to THC Products

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We wanted to let you know about a new Industry-related development. Today the Center for Disease Control (CDC) officially narrowed their vaping warning to only include products that contain THC.  More specifically, now the CDC is advising against using vaping products that contain THC. 

Additional information is included in the following excerpt from an article by Brianna Ehley that was posted today on

CDC narrows vaping warning to THC products

By Brianna Ehley

10/11/2019 01:41 PM EDT

The CDC for the first time is advising the public to only avoid vaping the marijuana component THC, as federal and state officials narrow their focus on possible causes of the outbreak of related lung illnesses.

CDC Principal Deputy Director Anne Schuchat said today although officials have still not pinpointed a single culprit, the majority of cases continue to involve people who vaped THC, alone or with nicotine-containing products.

The new recommendation is a break from earlier CDC guidance that advised the public to avoid all e-cigarette and vaping products. The CDC, in its warning, noted that just 13 percent of cases involved nicotine products alone and therefore it “cannot exclude the possibility that they play a role in this outbreak.”

“THC containing products appear to be implicated, but specific exposures responsible for the lung injuries have not been identified,” Schuchat said.

So far, states have reported 1,299 cases of vaping-related illnesses and the CDC has confirmed 26 deaths. Utah and Indiana reported three other deaths that federal officials have not yet confirmed. Schuchat said she expects the number of cases and deaths to continue to rise.

CDC also released new guidelines for clinicians based off of the updated data.”

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