Summer Vacation Vape Vendor Sales Guide

The icy winter months have thawed out and summer is almost here! Many folks, especially young people, will be taking the opportunity to go on vacation to exotic locales. However, if they are vaping enthusiasts, they’re going to have to plan in advance to make sure they have enough vape supplies for their trip. As a vendor, here are 5 product categories you can focus on offering deals on for your customers during this lucrative vacation season. Let’s jump into it.

Affordable Disposables 

Rather than bringing a whole vape rig with them on-the-go, many travelers will prefer to stock up on disposable vapes. We offer a variety of premium options from top tier manufacturers with long battery lives and high e-liquid capacity that are sure to satisfy.  

Recommended products to stock: Meta Drop / Pachamama

E-Liquid Bundles 

The last thing vacationing vapers want to happen is for them to run out of their favorite e-liquid. You can solve this problem for them by offering 2 in one vape juice bundles for them to choose from. Offer them a variety of mouth-watering options to choose from. 

Recommended products to stock: We have an extensive collection of e-liquid bundles from Pop Clouds and Twist that are delicious and satisfying


Any mod vaper is going to want to have an extra set of batteries on hand to keep their sessions going, especially on vacation. Luckily, Vaporbeast sells long-lasting premium batteries from top manufacturers. These batteries are resilient and reliable.  

Recommended products to stock: 18650 batteries.

Vape Battery Chargers 

What good are vape batteries if there’s no way to charge them? It’s important to offer a variety of charging options for your customers. Offer a multitude of charging options and accessories to keep them powered up.  

Recommended products to stock: Vape USB cables and External Battery chargers

NTN Pouches 

Some traveling vapers may prefer to simplify things even further or would prefer a more discreet nicotine option, especially when vaping aboard. Traveling vapers might also worry about vape juice leaking in their luggage. NTN pouches offer a stealthy and convenient way for your customers to enjoy their nicotine. 

Recommended products to stock: FRE NTN pouches are portable, discreet, and extremely convenient to enjoy

So there you have it, the top 5 product categories to stock for the summer season. All of the aforementioned products are available in bulk wholesale quantities at affordable prices. Fill out our wholesale application to get the ball rolling. We look forward to hearing from you!