How to Find the Newest Vape Trends

If you’re in the vape business, you probably already know how quickly this market moves. From the latest tech and accessories to product recalls and regulations that constantly shift the vaping landscape, it can be a tough arena to stay current in if you don’t know the tricks of the trade. Understanding the latest vape trends is a crucial variable in keeping your business fresh and ready to serve customer needs, no matter who or what comes through the door. Trend forecasting, keeping up with online and local communities, and staying in the know on laws and downtrends will help keep your business thriving every quarter. In this guide by VaporBeast, we’ll pinpoint a few key strategies for staying in-the-know and up-to-date, so that your business is always booming. Let’s get into it below.

Tips for Keeping Up with Current Vape Trends

We mentioned a few key ways you can keep up with trends in vaping above, but now we’ll delve a little deeper into the importance of each, and tack on an extra tip or two to help. Whether your store operates online or out of a brick-and-mortar location, know that VaporBeast’s wholesale goods and our daily, weekly, and monthly New Product Digest updates are here to help offer you the best and latest gear for a business that stays ready to supply anything your customers want or have heard about lately. Here are our tips for understanding trending vape products, accessories, and market changes:

Keep Up with Online Trends

One of the first things you can do as a business owner is to get to know your market more– and one of the easiest ways to do that is by keeping up with what the internet is saying about the latest products and accessories. Vape trends move quickly, and no one gets to the bottom of things quicker than the customer base. Reading online reviews, customer feedback, and onsite blogs about new products will help you immediately tap into the community at large, which will help you forecast which products your loyal and local customers are liable to be on the lookout for.

Keep Up with Community Trends

Aside from staying in touch with the online vape community, it’s important to also know what the locals are buzzing about. Keep up with which products, flavors, and accessories are moving quickly off of shelves– and make sure to also pay attention to which products don’t experience much traffic over long periods of time. Knowing what your customers want on the regular can help you stay stocked up on hot-ticket items while avoiding wasting money on inventory that doesn’t sell, or takes a long time to sell. Ask your customers what devices they’ve been using, which flavors they prefer, and what they’d like to see more of– you can do this on a one-on-one basis as they come through the door, or you can create an online survey or social media poll for ultimate convenience.

Know the Current Laws & Regulations

Another important factor for shop owners and vape businesses overall is to keep in touch with the changing laws and regulations surrounding vaping. Whether a state passes new laws that call for flavor bans, bar disposables from being shipped, or block the usage of vapes in certain areas (public spaces, government buildings, etc.) can greatly shape how your store is able to do business. Knowing which states you can ship to and which states have the strictest laws surrounding vapes will ensure that your store is in tune with more than just the trendiest vapes– it’ll prepare you to avoid legal trouble or any potential shutdowns.

Keep Up with Product Recalls and Inefficiencies

Lastly, knowing which products and brands are less than successful will help you avoid wasting money and refunding customers for faulty products. Keep up with bad reviews, product recalls, and the gear & accessories that customers simply don’t like or trust, and your business will be better suited to succeed. Offering customers the best products at the right prices will encourage more sales, and will keep you out of the way of investing in brands that don’t hold a high standard of quality for their product. Thankfully for Beast partner customers, we do this vetting for you, with a mission to carry only the best and most reliable products.

Stay in the Know with VaporBeast

The world of vaping and vape trends moves quickly, and VaporBeast is here to help your business stay on top every step of the way. By paying attention to vaping trends online and in your local community, you’ll be more prepared to serve everyone’s needs with an inventory bolstered by knowing what’s hot– and what’s not. Moreover, knowing the latest laws and regulations, as well as knowing which products are being recalled or reviewed poorly, will further develop your knowledge for delivering the best products the best way. If you have any questions, be sure to contact our customer support team for all things wholesale. Best of luck!