Can Vapes Be Sent Through USPS?

For new and veteran vape shop owners looking to ship products to customers nationally, knowing the legal limitations of what can and can’t be sent through the United States Postal Service is crucial to running a successful business that remains capable of delivering goods throughout the flux of regularly shifting vape laws and regulations. In the age of smoking alternatives, knowing how best to make your venture operate properly is crucial to success; in this guide by the VaporBeast team, we’ll teach retailers about whether or not they can ship through USPS, and how they can ensure customers of safe and secure delivery.

What are Current USPS Shipping Regulations for Vapes?

As of October 21, 2021, individuals and businesses alike can no longer ship vapes directly to consumers through the United States Postal Service. This is due to the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (PACT) Act, which brings all tobacco and vaping products together under one roof of shipping regulation. Any smoking-related product or device has been hereby prohibited from delivery by way of USPS; because of this, both online and brick-and-mortar stores have had to seek shipping alternatives that allow for the transportation of cigarettes, cigars, and vapes. The United States Postal Service does allow for certain exemptions for businesses like VaporBeast to ship directly to other businesses. The PACT Act did not make shipping vapes illegal; it simply means that registrations and alternative methods have to be used. Luckily, VaporBeast is here for retailers with a solution.

How Does VaporBeast Ship Without USPS?

Retailers are in luck if they’ve partnered with VaporBeast; we hope that, by reading this blog, new and regular customers of VaporBeast’s services have decided to browse our selection and use our inventory to power their stores. In addition to offering services to their partner customers to file for the necessary exemptions, VaporBeast also employs a network of complex, yet efficient, delivery systems that make it possible to deliver products to vape businesses nationwide. This means that our devices, e-liquids, and accessories are available for shipping that is guaranteed for delivery right to your storefront. Even better, VaporBeast often offers FREE ground shipping for any order $1000 or more, and also offers overnight and 2-day shipping. By having the ability to use exemptions as well as local and privatized shipping networks, we’re able to get our entire selection of products to your store without any issue from vape shipping regulations determined by USPS. This ensures more service, safety, and security when delivering your products, thereby guaranteeing more sales and deliveries across the nation.


The bottom line is that shipping vapes in the modern age is tricky, but not impossible. We’re able to send all of our products right to your store, safely & efficiently. The truth is that the United States Postal Service is primarily responsible for the shipment of goods between individuals. Due to this reality, it’s crucial for vape businesses who shop with VaporBeast to rely on other means to receive the goods that support their sales and revenue. We’re here to provide those businesses with the means necessary to complete every step of the vape buying and selling process, from a wide selection of products and devices to the finalized delivery of products to every location. Our private network of shipping services is here to help your business thrive, and we trust that, by shopping with VaporBeast, every business will succeed with us. For more information regarding our shipping services and specifications, please reach out to our customer support team– we’re eager to help your business, and we can’t wait to help you grow.