It’s no secret that tons of vapers have a sweet tooth. Many vape aficionados gravitate towards dessert vape juices that offer a rich, delectable flavor profile and unique taste. As a vape vendor, you’re going to want to offer the best and more interesting dessert vape juices out there. But with so many options, how do you select the creme de la creme to present to your customers? Don’t worry, the experts here at Vapor Beast have narrowed it down for you. Dive into our list of the 6 best e-juice dessert flavors right here.

Best Dessert E-Juices

This amazing e liquid from Sadboy has a flavor profile of piping hot cookies churned into a sweet, creamy mint milkshake. Smooth tobacco-free nicotine ensures an even more luxurious dessert taste. In addition, a 70/30 VG/PG ratio is perfect for voluminous cloud production. 

A zesty, sour lemon custard topped with buttery flaky crust makes up this nuanced, mouth-watering vape juice flavor. Add in a dollop of sweet, whipped meringue to complete the experience. You can also choose between 3 or 6 mL of nicotine content to perfectly tailor your experience.  

Imagine sipping that first cup of fresh coffee, topped off with creamy milk and sweet caramel. Now you can enjoy this incredible dessert flavored vape juice anytime, anywhere with Solace Salts Catch Ya Latte vape juice. A balanced 50/50 VG/PG ratio is great for vapers of all stripes and 18 or 48 mL of smooth nic salt nicotine content is guaranteed to satisfy. Order your bottle today! 

Nobody can resist the taste of warm crumble pastry infused with sweet blueberries. Take this base flavor and top it off with golden graham cracker, cinnamon, and brown sugar. High quality non tobacco nicotine offers an even more refined taste. Try Humble Crumble now!

Your taste buds will be in heaven with this timeless blend of warm, sweet pound cake infused with notes of lemon zest. Also featuring notes of rich Madagascar vanilla, Basix Pound Cake is a vape juice flavor masterpiece, making it one of the best e-juice dessert flavors. Choose between 3 or 6 mL of nicotine content to enjoy this e-liquid exactly how you want it. 

Jam Monster is world-famous for their sweet blends. Synthetic Butterscotch is a prime example of this. The flavor profile features incredibly creamy, sweet, and downright delicious butterscotch infused with sugary, gooey custard. A 70/30 VG/PG ratio is also ideal for chasing those huge puffy clouds. Order a bottle today!  

So there you have it, our list of the 6 best dessert e-juices out there today. Get the best prices when you sign up for wholesale supply here at VaporBeast. We look forward to hearing from you!