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Brian,You have done a bomb-ass job as our sales rep. Every time I have leaned on you to fill an order, you have come through on time. Droz – Droz

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I ordered an SVD 2.0 and a mod sock, received free shipping and it arrived two days later. Moments later I was blowing out billowy plumes of heaven. I can't really ask for any more than that. Great prices, too. I really can't say enough good things about this order. Solid first impression, thanks a million! – TafkenX

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These guys ROCK! I have placed two very small orders so far, shipped same day as ordered and received in my mailbox in Florida two days later. Thank You! – Cathy N.

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So It's official!! Vapor Beast can't be beat!! Klorissa at customer service has gone beyond what I would ever expect from anyone in this vapor world. The Beast team is like no other in the vape world. I am completely blown away!! Ty so very much for all that yall do. – Teddy

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I emailed Tim around 3 a.m. and received an email around 6 a.m. Now that's amazing service. If Tim has what I need...I'll be sure to order from him again. Keep up the great work. – Giuliano T.

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Tesla 80W TC Box Mod

Tesla 80W TC Box Mod

3 Review(s)

The ultra compact Tesla 80W TC Box Mod is a real giant killer. Its compact size is deceiving, its 80 watts are more than enough to power your favorite atomizer.

The Tesla 80W TC Box Mod offers tons of power without any excess. Utilizing an external 18650 battery you can easily swap batteries and keep on vaping. Its temperature control capabilities have been refined to be able to handle both Nickel and Titanium coils with ease.

This Product Features:

  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Dimension:82 x 38 x 23.5mm
  • Battery: 1*18650 battery (Not Included)
  • Output power: 7-80W
  • Maximum output voltage: 9V
  • Maximum output current: 24.5A
  • Atomizer resistance: Nickel 200/Ti coil: 0.05-1.0 ohm, Normal coil: 0.15-3.5ohm(7-80W)0.1-0.14ohm Temperature Range: 200-600F

You Will Receive:

  • 1x - Tesla 80W TC Box Mod
  • 1x - Additional Battery Cover


The ultra compact Tesla 80W TC Box Mod is a real giant killer. Its compact size is deceiving, its 80 watts are more than enough to power your favorite atomizer.

Customer Reviews

Best portable mod I have come across - Review by
I have been a big fan of Tesla mods for a long time, and this one lives up to the quality I have come to expect from this brand.

I have never packed my dripper RDA's with such ease until I purchased one of these. Easily portable, and sits flush on its base with no wobble while using a dripper. It can get a little heavy with a tall tank like the suggested Horizon Tech Arctic Turbo, but still performs to the quality of the battery you use in it.

I have purchased 3 of these now for myself and friends and I will recommend it to more.
(Posted on 3/19/2016)
By far the best bang for the buck - Review by
I've had my Tesla 80W TC for about 3 weeks and it simply outperforms anything else I have. I'm currently running a Titanium build in a UD Bellus with rayon wick, and it's nothing short of stellar.
First off, it fires up to 9V, as opposed to the IPV D2 and D3, which fire only 7V. You can set your wattage wherever you want, but if your coil resistance is too high, the device will do the math and limit your wattage to whatever the voltage and the resistance will allow, which can be substantially less than what you've actually set it at. Higher voltage means you can fire a higher resistance coil at higher wattage. Higher resistance = more wire = more coil to wick contact = more vapor.
Secondly, it fires in watts, not joules. I've been vaping for 3+years and currently have upwards of 20 regulated mods in what most would consider an affordable price range (read: NOT high end). Until the IPV D2 appeared, I didn't know what a joule was, and I still don't. I know what watts do, and setting this thing at 80 watts in temp control brings it up to my set operating temp (550F) in less than half a second, where 50 joules (max on the D2) takes probably a good 3 seconds before I can hear my coil crackling and get a decent hit.
The downside: I have paint chipping off the edges just below where the atomizer screws on. To be fair, it could very possibly have been compromised by leaking a juice that I regularly use on it that destroyed a plastic tank in a matter of hours a few years back. 'Tank Cracker' is putting it mildly with this stuff, and it's gone through the paint/powdercoat on a couple other tanks and mods, too. The other thing is the larger of the two magnets that hold the battery cover on came loose a few days ago. I just pushed it back in the hole and it stayed, but if I'd not been lucky enough to have noticed it when it happened, I may have lost it. I wanna glue it in there, but now I can't get it back out, so I guess it's not all bad.

Overall, this thing is definitely worth more than its marked price on VB's site, and I'll be ordering a second one in a different color on my next payday, especially considering there's a 20% off code that'll be running still...hehe.

Thanks VaporBeast!! You guys RAWK!!!.
(Posted on 1/28/2016)
Loving this mod! - Review by
So I just received my order today for this 80W TC mod. Took a little longer than I hoped, but that's on me not realizing USPS would take issue with the IMR batteries I bought and shipped in the same order.

Definitely was surprised at how small this Tesla is - comfortably fits in my hand and never have to worry about it slipping out, especially with the horizontal-molded battery cover. The fact too that it doesn't feel like a cheap plastic is a plus.

The covers are all magnetically attached to the body and they don't require a ridiculous amount of force to pop them off. In that same breath, they stay attached until you want them off.

The controls are very simple - cycle to the end of the power (wattage) after 80 or below 7, and you enter ByPass where it does NOT regulate the voltage (basically Mechanical Mode). When you lock the fire button (press 5 times), you press your two control buttons simultaneously to enter the temp controls - here you can cycle through to find the temperature setting you want, 10 degree increments in F. Press and hold a button long enough, and it will cycle rapidly past the last F degree and enter the C scale - increments there are 5 degrees.

As far as battery life goes, I bought a pair of the Samsung 25R 18650's. The batteries I received don't say Samsung on them, but they do proclaim "2500 mAh". Once charged up, I ran one through my mod at 60W, pushing a 0.2 ohm Herakles Plus tank/coil at 380-400F. With moderate use, it lasted about 6-8 hours (not exact, but close - didn't check my times).

Overall, I would say that Tesla totally "NAILED IT"!
Only thing that could help would be recommendations for battery capacities to use (mAh wise).
(Posted on 1/23/2016)