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I started the long drudgery of online shopping for supplies. Simple search revealed Vapor Beast and all they have to offer! Now, I'm not kidding when I say my search history of online stores was bordering addiction, but something about Vapor Beast seemed good! Well, EVERYBODY, they are that good! Really good! Seriously! You now have my business, our business, and all business! And as a bonus they actually know what they are talking about!… – Louise S.

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Its okay Jocelyn that just made my day!!!!Its been a journey definitely, and I couldn't have done it without you, and here we are still climbing.Your the sweetest and the best, and i love you for that!!! – Jonathan A.

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I would just like to say how appreciative I am on how fast you got my order shipped out. I already own the KBox mini complete kit when it just had come out for $44.95. It's in white. You cant find one for much less than $70.00 now. Coming across your website and the price for just the mods was pretty stellar, so what the hell, i bought two more just because and free shipping for orders over $35.00 when most places I order from want you to… – Todd R.

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Hello,I'm Raigne P. and I was recently assisted by an absolutely wonderful customer service representative named Tiffany Priester. She has a fantastic attitude and was endlessly helpful with my issues. I just wanted to contact you personally to make sure her hard work and service was recognized. Thank you – Raigne P.

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I submitted an order for the first time just the other day. To start off the deal of the day was fantastic. Upon confirming the order I set down my tablet and within a New York minute, my phone rang. There was this guy asking for me. My wife knew it was not a friend of mine and we were both confused. This gentleman introduced himself as a rep from VaporBeast and thanked me for my order. He was very pleasant and chatted with me for a… – Rob S.

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Kanger Kbox Mini

Kanger Kbox Mini

3 Review(s)

The popular Subox mini will look great in your hand and even better while it's blowing away the competition, pair this with your favorite subtank and you’ll be one 18650 battery away from Vaping like a BEAST!



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The Kbox Mini is from one of the best starter kits Kanger has ever put out. Kanger listened to your suggestions and now offers the device by itself. The device offers 50 watts of power and can fire as low 0.3 ohms. If that wasn't reason enough to pick this device up, pair this with your favorite subttank to have your own custom starter kit!

This product features:

  • Battery: 1*18650 (Not Included)
  • 510 Threaded
  • Minimum Resistance: 0.3 ohm
  • Adjustable wattage from 7 to 50 watts using 0.1 watt increments
  • Zinc alloy casing
  • Low voltage protection
  • Low resistance protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Low battery warning
  • Magnetic battery cover
  • USB charging capable

You Will Receive:

  • 1x - Kbox Mini


The popular Subox mini will look great in your hand and even better while it's blowing away the competition, pair this with your favorite subtank and you’ll be one 18650 battery away from Vaping like a BEAST!

Customer Reviews

Petite, Rugged & Powerful - Review by
I was a long time rebuilder of coils for my old Kanger Aerotank II because I was running through boxes of cartridges so fast it was costing me less to roll cigarettes. Rebuilding coils worked great with my Aerotank paired with an Innokin MVP 20W until I made the leap to purpose made rebuildable tank atomizers with customizable build decks.

I needed something with more range that could handle sub-ohm builds that also did not have a built in battery. I learned my lesson with Innokin when batteries would burn out or stop working after a drop and the entire unit had to be chucked in the trash or having to carry an extra battery charger, cable, or a spare vape pen, just in case it lost its charge away from an outlet. The Kbox Mini was the perfect answer.

It is the first box mod I've bought with replaceable 18650 batteries. Carrying a spare battery is as easy as tossing a coppertop in your pocket. No more hauling around extra peripherals when there's uncertainty as to where the day may take you. Vaping at .5 ohms is great and the charge holds for days before I need to plug in the pass through, if I'm sitting at my desk, or pop my spare battery in.

The design is on the small side and is actually close to the size of my Ephro Billow RTA. I've got average sized hands and it does sort of disappear into my palm. The petite grip is a little getting used to, but it also makes it inconspicuous and a very comfortable pocket fit even with my wallet in there beside it.

I've dropped it three times so far, once from standing height while passing it to someone and twice it's fallen out of my lap while sitting down, and it still works great. As soon as it hits the floor the battery case flies off and the battery flies out, probably helps dissipate some of the impact force. A chunkier device probably wouldn't fare as well.

I love this thing and may purchase another as I continue to explore different RTAs and coil builds. Sleek design (I went with the storm trooper black on white), crisp button feel, and low enough watts to enjoy cartridges and high enough watts to enjoy a good range of coil builds and sub-ohm action.

I will probably upgrade to something with a wider wattage range in the future, but as introductions to more powerful, versatile, devices go, I cannot say enough good things about this durable little gem.

Used with Fogger v5, Ephro Billow v2, Diablo RTA clone
(Posted on 4/21/2016)
Pretty Awesome - Review by
When I saw the price I had to pick one up. I had been using an original Kbox up until this, but i was having issues with the insulator for the 510 pin, kept shorting out. This thing is just badass. It is sexy as hell and packs a nice punch. I would highly recommend this as a beginner vape or just all around vape. It's a lot smaller than i thought it would be but i kinda like that, even though i have huge hands. 10/10 would buy again. (Posted on 3/20/2016)
Great - Review by
OK it's a kbox mini not a whole lot to say it's a great little 50 watt device I use it for an at work device I bought this one to replace one that the board burned out in from repeated drops on concrete lol so that's my fault but the biggest thing was with the coupon code from the BEAST I was able to get this shipped th my house for less than 25 bucks on top of that it shipped on Monday and was in my mailbox on the east coast on Wednesday so great product great service from vapor beast and lighining fast shipping this was my first time ordering from VB but won't be my last (Posted on 1/27/2016)

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