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Switchback - Black

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The world's first personal vaporizer that can be enjoyed from both sides! Concealed under the cap is another cartomizer. Simply unscrew and rotate the cap to the other side to enjoy a different flavor. You can also easily transform the SWITCHBACK to a smaller more discrete unit by removing one of the cartomizers and screwing on the provided "stealth" cap.

The SWITCHBACK is an affordable and fun "mod" style device that falls into a class unto itself. If you enjoy new PV toys, then the SWITCHBACK is for you. Who says, vaping can't be fun? This ain't no Ego!

BEASTLY BECAUSE: This is the ultimate vaping gadget. There is simply nothing like it on the market! Plus, consider the following:


1) Easily switch between flavors. 2) Effectively doubles your on board vapor capacity. 3) Avoid overheating and maintain optimum performance by switching sides. 4) Easily transforms into a small "stealth" version. 5) Rotate between atomizers, clearomizers and cartomizers. 6) Share a side with a friend. 7) Store a 5 ml juice bottle inside the cap. 8) Aluminum cover protects your clearomizers. 9) Looks and works great with your "MAP" style tanks.


1) Sealed battery 2) Aluminum body 3) Power indicator light 5) Battery shut-off feature 6) Switch 7) Clicky button 8) 3.7 Volts


1) Base battery unit. 2) Large cartomizer cap 3) Small stealth cap 4) 5 pre-filled Boge cartomzers 5) 5 pre filled Boge clearomizers 6) USB power cord. Wall adapter is optional. 7) Instruction manual.

NOTE: This device is designed for use with 2.2 ohm or greater BOGE cartomizers.

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