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I can't stop talking about you guys on ECF... nothing but great things I'm fortunate to have found vapor beast. – Brian G.

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True story, I ordered my first juice and VV/VW and tank from you guys almost 2 years ago, because of your information on your site the second I got my vape gear I have never bought another pack of ciggarettes. I was a pack and a half a day smoker now im cig free mostly thanks to you guys. – Bryan

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Kanger OCC Subtank Vertical Coil Replacement coil - 5 Pack

Kanger OCC Subtank Vertical Coil Replacement coil - 5 Pack

6 Review(s)

Time to kick it up a notch with the improved vertical coil design, you'll be able to reach higher wattage on your Subtank.



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The Vertical Organic Cotton Coil (OCC) is the most sophisticated coil design by kangertech. These coils have a square outer casing and are said to last longer, provide purer taste, have a larger heating section, and come built as low as 0.2ohms with organic cotton wicking. The newly designed vertical coils are designed to withstand a higher wattage without burning up your coil.

This Product Features:

  • Longer life
  • Super pure taste
  • Newly designed vertical coil

Recommended Wattage:

  • 20-45 (0.20 Ohm)
  • 15-30 (0.50 Ohm)
  • 10-26 (1.20 Ohm)

You Will Receive:

  • 1x - 5 pack of Kanger OCC Subtank Vertical Coils


Time to kick it up a notch with the improved vertical coil design, you'll be able to reach higher wattage on your Subtank.

Customer Reviews

Good stuff - Review by
My customers love these because they are easier to change out, the square coil is much easier to grab than a cylindrical for them. They seem to hold up fine, of course there will be duds, we compensate for those. (Posted on 11/17/2016)
GREAT when Used Correctly - Review by
Kanger coils have gotten a bad rap because they previously had to be run at lower wattages. Now, they have upped the wattages, and when used at correct temp ranges/wattages, are very good coils. (Posted on 12/3/2015)
Work Great - Review by
Ooops, blew the security question first time (carelessness, not abject stupidity!). Not sure why these have a low rating; they've been great for me. Easy prime, tons of vape, good taste, last a long time. Going to order the .2's this time; only used the .5's so far, along with the Ni coil heads which are gold standard IMO. (Posted on 11/28/2015)
1 out of 3 malfuntion - Review by
These could are an expensive disappointment. There is obviously a problem with the contact. I put a brand-new coil on and the ohms constantly vary from .4 to 1.8 Of course this causes the battery to go in to protection mode, therefore preventing aa hit. On top of that problem, they don't have nearly the longevity of their predecessor. (Posted on 11/9/2015)
New vertical coil blows - Review by
Seems Kanger has changed their Subtank coils. Instead of the coil being horizontal it's been changed to a vertical configuration. The holes on side where juice flows are larger(as they needed to be), however, the air flow has been reduced drastically. Low airflow makes everything taste burned when vaped at my usual 25W. Had to go down to 15W just so burnt taste went away, then there's very little taste left. (Posted on 9/21/2015)
A Step In The Right Direction - Review by
Just received these and have to say Kanger is really stepping up there game! My 1st subtank was the mini and I loved the 0.5 coils on that, but once I moved up to a higher wattage device, I was looking for something more and these are on the right path. I use high VG juices, so I still use a sewing needle to make a small hole in the cotton so I can really chug without getting a burnt hit. Kanger should put 4 wicking holes on these, in my opinion. I can't wait till they release the 0.2 vertical coils! (Posted on 9/1/2015)

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