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There are no vapor shops around me within the nearest hundred miles. Your company VaporBeast has been a great help in answering all my questions and providing me the perfect service. I have no problems with anything, this letter here is just to simply state my gratitude for all the help everyone has given me. Now, if I can only decide on my first Box Mod,Lol! – Vernon L.

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Hi Tim, I wanted to compliment one of your employees Jason on the OUTSTANDING job he did helping me with my order today!!! I was asking alot of questions and and he seemed to be very knowledgeable about your products and I told him I was going to send this and tell you he needs a raise (I said it he did not)!!! I really appreciate all your help with my last issue and I don't think enough people take the time to give kudos for a job well… – Shelley S.

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Where do I start? Thank you, thank you, thank you !Start to finish you guys are really all about CS.Best Vape Mail ever and that goes back almost 7 years to my first 510 from China, then blank cartos before tanks and now 200 real Watts.This one is especially fun since I worked for Volcano in St Pete for over 2 years and now l have their latest and greatest!Tod, Samantha and Tim, your great! – Pete H

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I'd like to once again bring attention to Jordan Wark, who continues to impress and amaze me. He not only has invaluable knowledge regarding vaping, the industry, and what I should order next, but impressive knowledge of the company and it's beginnings and how it's grown. It is wonderful to see such a dedicated employee, and comforting to me to know I have a representative that works so hard each day to make sure his clients have not only… – Kenna

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Hi Tod, I just wanted to drop a line and tell you how much we appreciate having Cam as our rep he is very informative, helpful, and just an all around good rep, now if you believe that no I am kidding I really appreciate everything he does sometimes I get a little rough with him and give him a hard time but that is to keep him on his toes. All joking aside he does a great job , he puts up with me and that's a plus so treat him good. Good… – Deb Q.

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iStick 100W TC Box Mod

iStick 100W TC Box Mod

7 Review(s)

The iStick’s ability to be ran in single 18650 or dual 18650 due to the BEASTLY parallel chipset is a game changer! We could soon see a shift towards parallel chipsets, which could help prolong battery life!



The Eleaf iStick 100W TC is an update to the original iStick 100W. Eleaf has now introduced their temperature control software. The device still retains its wattage range of 1 to 100W and a minimum resistance of 0.1 ohms, however it does have a few major changes. For starters its chassis is now smaller and more compact as it has two single battery slots, one on each side. This design allows for a parallel powered chipset which allows users to use a single battery for up to 75 watts or two batteries for up to 100 watts. As far as temperature control goes, it is compatible with, Nickel, Titantium, and Stainless Steel wire with a minimum resistance of 0.05 ohms in said mode. Another great feature is its mechanical firing button, much like the Xcube devices, simply squeeze the device to fire your coils tank or rebuildable. When compared to its predecessor, the Eleaf iStick 100W TC is a complete overhaul!

This Product Features:

  • Variable Wattage Range: 1.0w to 100.0w
  • Battery: 2*18650 high-drain batteries (Not Included)
  • Supports Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel in Temperature Control
  • Temperature Adjustment Range: 200°F-600°F
  • Minimum Resistance 0.05 in Temperature Control and 0.1 in Wattage Mode
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Low voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Low resistance protection
  • Low battery warning
  • USB charging capable

You Will Receive:

  • 1x - Eleaf iStick 100W TC


The iStick’s ability to be ran in single 18650 or dual 18650 due to the BEASTLY parallel chipset is a game changer! We could soon see a shift towards parallel chipsets, which could help prolong battery life!

Customer Reviews

Great versatile mod - Review by
I love this mod and it's versatility. You can use one or two batteries and after a firmware update it can run a max 150 watts. What makes this mod unique is it's awesome squeeze trigger which makes vaping Uber comfortable. My only complaint about the 100 TC deals with the magnet battery doors.. be careful if a magnet comes loose because if you put it back the wrong way it is near impossible to remove.

I gave this mod to a good friend when I tried quitting vaping and was disappointed to see it no longer in Stock. I decided to buy a Eleaf istick power 80watt instead but would much rather have this!
(Posted on 4/19/2017)
Yowza... REALLY good. - Review by
I have always been a little underwhelmed towards iSticks, only because they're kinda the "vanilla" of mod makers. The "Toyota Corolla" of hardware, so to speak... Boring, but a reputation for reliability. This is my third eLeaf product, and I tell you, the 100w TC is ANYTHING but vanilla.

Did the firmware upgrade immediately, so now it can kick 120W max, which is plenty for any casual vaper. The parallel battery setup is unique, the one-or-two battery functionality is a great feature, the hidden button "squeeze and vape" is surprisingly pleasant to use... can hold it tank-inward or tank outward, and vape just as comfortably either way.

I threw my Triton on top of it with a Nickel coil, and it is fantastic. The temperature setting right now is likely inaccurate (I'm on 310F and it's really chuckin'), but I think that's because the coil I've got in there is reading unusually high. Doesn't matter, it's just a number on a screen, and regulates the temp properly nonetheless.

Has a bypass mode, three memory settings, SS temp mode, pass through charging. All the necessary bells and whistles, and way more features than the 40w TC I had back in the day. The only negative I can think of is that in just a day, I've already scratched up the 510 area with the tank. I know that's to be expected with most mods, but the paint on this, while gorgeous, might be a little fragile. A silicone vape condom is definitely in order.

But whatever. Not only is this a great vape and a stunning value, it's also galvanized my excitement for future eLeaf products. Never thought I'd say that!
(Posted on 11/1/2016)
A GREAT Mod - Review by
Just arrived today and I didn't hesitate to unbox this mod and screw in my Aspire Nautilus tank housed with a ni coil.WOW.Great draws and flavor.Vaping an Apple Butter juice at 60w and a 470f. temp.ZOWIE.It's perfect for me and so is VaporBeast.I'm so glad I was turned on to this outfit.Quick shipping and no hassle error free ordering.Thank you sooooo much. (Posted on 5/23/2016)
Amazing - Review by
I bought this so I could run SS coils in TC mode.
I am using SS302/304 0.021" safety wire so the adjustable TCR is a must.
The 0.05 Ohm capacity allows me to run 2 strand twisted wire dual coils for maximum performance.
With twin batteries, this will run forever in TC mode.
(Posted on 5/16/2016)
Ideal mod - Review by
This has become my go-to mod. Have been using i sticks for quite a while but wanted something with replaceable batteries... This is it! Good build quality... Hard-hitting. Thinking about buying a second. (Posted on 4/8/2016)
Awesome - Review by
Awesome mod, awesome service, awesome price, just awesome! (Posted on 3/21/2016)
Unexpected WOW - Review by
I passed on this mod many times. When I saw the deal on VB for $28 I decided to add it as a back up device. I couldn't be more surprised! This is a GREAT mod!!!! Well made, easy to use and the 2 batteries in parallel are GREAT!!!! I can't recommend this enough! Always great to deal with VB!!! (Posted on 3/20/2016)