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There are no vapor shops around me within the nearest hundred miles. Your company VaporBeast has been a great help in answering all my questions and providing me the perfect service. I have no problems with anything, this letter here is just to simply state my gratitude for all the help everyone has given me. Now, if I can only decide on my first Box Mod,Lol! – Vernon L.

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Hi Tim, I wanted to compliment one of your employees Jason on the OUTSTANDING job he did helping me with my order today!!! I was asking alot of questions and and he seemed to be very knowledgeable about your products and I told him I was going to send this and tell you he needs a raise (I said it he did not)!!! I really appreciate all your help with my last issue and I don't think enough people take the time to give kudos for a job well… – Shelley S.

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Where do I start? Thank you, thank you, thank you !Start to finish you guys are really all about CS.Best Vape Mail ever and that goes back almost 7 years to my first 510 from China, then blank cartos before tanks and now 200 real Watts.This one is especially fun since I worked for Volcano in St Pete for over 2 years and now l have their latest and greatest!Tod, Samantha and Tim, your great! – Pete H

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I'd like to once again bring attention to Jordan Wark, who continues to impress and amaze me. He not only has invaluable knowledge regarding vaping, the industry, and what I should order next, but impressive knowledge of the company and it's beginnings and how it's grown. It is wonderful to see such a dedicated employee, and comforting to me to know I have a representative that works so hard each day to make sure his clients have not only… – Kenna

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Hi Tod, I just wanted to drop a line and tell you how much we appreciate having Cam as our rep he is very informative, helpful, and just an all around good rep, now if you believe that no I am kidding I really appreciate everything he does sometimes I get a little rough with him and give him a hard time but that is to keep him on his toes. All joking aside he does a great job , he puts up with me and that's a plus so treat him good. Good… – Deb Q.

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Innokin iTaste MVP 20W Black with RDA Side

Innokin iTaste MVP 20W

32 Review(s)
BEASTLY BECAUSE: This is it folks! The new 20 Watt is where it’s at! With more power in such a small package, you can’t go wrong with this little beast! Amazing Value.



The New Innokin iTaste MVP boasts 20 Watts of Intelligent Vaping Power! TheLarge capacity of the internal 2600 mAh battery means you can depend on its long lasting power. And it doubles as a backup portable charger that can power your mobile phone and other electronic devices. The iTaste MVP 20W is smarter with a 32-bit ARM microprocessor which means far faster data processing power and superior vaping performance.

This Product Features:

  • ‘Vape while charging’ Technology
  • Large battery capacity
  • Ohms meter
  • Puff Counter
  • Remembers last Voltage or Wattage setting
  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V-7.5 V
  • Operating Wattage: 6.0W-.20W
  • Standby current: 100uA max
  • Maximum output Wattage: 20W
  • Maximum output Current:6A
  • Maximum output Voltage: 7.5V
  • Clearomizer Resistance: 1.0 Ohm (minimum)
  • Battery: Built-in 2600 mAh polymer Li-Ion rechargeable battery.
  • Charging: Micro USB DC5V/1000mA
  • OUTPUT port :DC5V /1000mA

You Will Receive:

  • 1x - iTaste MVP20W (2600mAh)
  • 1x - USB charger cable
  • 1x - eGo Threading Adaptor
  • 1x - English manual


This is it folks! The new 20 Watt is where it’s at! With more power in such a small package, you can’t go wrong with this little beast!

Customer Reviews

I like it!!! - Review by
I got the Kbox & Innoken 20 Watt because of their price tags, the Kbox will let me Sub Ohm, While the Innoken 20 Watt will let me use my Pro Tank 2 and their 2.5 ohm coils at their best setting where the Kbox runs just shy of doing those coils right, it's just a little too little or a little too much. The MVP lets me set it just right for my taste and is cool as heck looking in green. The button is a little stiff for me and I'm not fond of it's placement just not right in my hand so just four stars but that's it's only flaw. It feels like a solid well made device and will give you a whole day of vape @ least it does for me a heavy vapor, charges in just a few hours on my comp. Simple button set up and display. Quick switch between watt & voltage usage. It's only 20 Watts though so don't be thinking sub ohm with this little bad boy, but that's why it's priced so cheap. Comes in a beautiful kit, clear plastic case and all you need but a tank and juice. Great back up mod. So enjoy and Vape on... (Posted on 6/19/2015)
i'm lovin it. - Review by
i have the mvp 30 and two of these 20 watts. I would say this one is close in size to my reo grands. it's much smaller than the 30 and nicer than the mvp 2.0 i had. I even prefer these over my provari and reos for now. I'm using a sophia and a diver v2 in a ibtank. i love not having to carry batteries and battery chargers. One cord charges all three of my mvp's and my istick. my other mods are currently packed away for later use. I'm just sick of batteries and beauty I have the white and silver. the carbon wraps sold here are real nice too. (Posted on 6/4/2015)
Great Box Mod - Review by
This is my first mod box and it definitely exceeded my expectations. Perfect for everyone. I also am using the iClear 30s as my first dual coil tank... Perfect. Vaporbeast is SuperR fast shipping... Ordered Friday, received Monday.. From CA to KY. OUTSTANDING! (Posted on 6/1/2015)
Awesome box mod - Review by
This is my first box mod and my first order from Vapor Beast. I am very happy with the quality and size of this box. The battery life is excellent and I love that I can charge it on my computer and vape on it at the same time. Just found out last week that I can put an RDA on it (one ohm build) at 20 watts. May consider the MVP 3 Pro when Vapor Beast starts to sell them. Very happy also with Vapor Beast, I have my second order with them "in transit", should be here Monday. Thanks Vapor Beast! (Posted on 5/29/2015)
Great box mod for the price - Review by
After buying a couple of cheap tank and battery combos, this is my first entry into the actual world of vaping. I bought this to go along with an Aspire Nautilus, and together they are producing clouds of vapor much larger than any of the cheap tank and battery combos that I've been using. I'm absolutely blown away by how much better this is than an eGo style battery. (Posted on 5/28/2015)
Great Product - Review by
The best in it's class! I have a Sigelei 30 and a Smok XPro M65 and this beats both hands down. Others complain about where the button is but if you use it, it becomes second nature! I have no complaints about this product at all. This is my second one because I dropped the other one in the toilet!!! (Posted on 5/27/2015)
Its Great for the price - Review by
I hooked up a Iclear 30s as I have no leaking like my Kangers, and OMFG its good vapes...GET ONE and a KBOX and VOILA less than 50 Box mod Sub box mod as good as MOST 80-150.00 (Posted on 5/26/2015)
I Love Vapor Beast - Review by
Great product but even better service. Great job guys...love it!! (Posted on 5/20/2015)
love it in spite of design flaws - Review by
I do love this thing, but I must say, the only area it wins over the Istick 20 is that it's a charger.. Though it does also have the advantage of a puff counter and slightly higher capacity battery, the MVP20 is much heavier, much bigger, has totally uncomfortable button placement, sharp corners, plus the firing button is WAY too hard to push, which fatigues knuckles and fingers, and I'm a big strong dude. Guess it's less likely to fire in your pocket, but, jeez! Not to mention the tedious display operation. However, the dual use thing is just too cool. I'm glad I have both, this one could save your life of you were in an emergency and your phone was dead. (if you keep a cord with you). Built like a tank, charge lasts forever. Ordered on a Friday, came Monday (Atlanta area). Best price on the web. (Posted on 5/20/2015)
Awesome Box Mod! - Review by
I got the Innokin MVP 20W battery about 4 days ago and I am very happy with this! At the moment, i'm running my EVOD Mega tank on it with 1.5 Ohm coils and it vapes like a beast! The battery life is awesome and it is more than enough for my vaping needs. Can't wait to try it out with a Aerotank or a Nautilus. Extremely fast delivery and a simply awesome product. Will definitely recommend this and will absolutely be ordering from VaporBeast again! Great job guys! Five stars all the way! (Posted on 5/17/2015)
NICE - Review by
I needed a backup battery so I recently purchased this and I couldn't be happier with it!! The build is solid, It fits in my hand nicely and I love the button placement! The screen is nice and bright. This battery works great with my Nautilus mini and lasts me 2-3 days. Love it!! (Posted on 5/9/2015)
Works perfectly! - Review by
I just received this today and am very happy with my purchase from Vapor Beast! Excellent pricing and fast shipping. A friend has this mod and I've been wanting one for myself for a while. When I came upon this site and saw the amazing price I couldn't pass it up. I chain vape and this battery definitely keeps up and is very easy to operate. Great choice for anyone. Well made & very sturdy. (Posted on 5/6/2015)
Great first mod - Review by
I got this for my first mod and I still love it. It's literally a mod that will grow with you. 20W is more than most people will ever need, and is enough to throw some decent clouds for those who want to get into that. I use it with an Aspire Nautilus mini and a competition Doge rda when I'm messing around. Battery life is good, also doubles as a backup battery so I can charge my phone when I'm out and about. Overall great buy. (Posted on 4/28/2015)
innokin MVP 20W - Review by
So I ordered it in black but they called me and said black was on back order. So I got the Silver one. Well it came today and I just started using it and I'll tell you what I'm surprised if works very well with all the tanks I have . I guess the upside I can Vape while it charges. I've got this MVP 20W and several Tanks I also got the Itaste DRV and that one, As a Truck Driver is an Awesome device. Talk about Plug n Go .. Vaporbeast is my Go to for Mods and V.V machines. You've won and earned my business. Thank you Vaporbeast. (Posted on 3/17/2015)
you should buy this. period. - Review by
So I switched from V2 cigs 808-1 threaded e cig, and after using this for a week, I can't even look at that 808 e cig anymore. The power output and the ability to read resistance on rda is very useful. It would also tell me when my coil is making shorts (didn't happen to me yet) and would automatically shut the battery down, so if you just got into rebuildable atties, you should get this one since MVP has those safety features that mechanical mods don't. That way, you don't have to worry about exploding batteries or ruining the battery with shorts. I don't care about subohmming, I think it's a fad, and really, what MVP 20w offers is more than enough for optimal vaping experience IMO. I chain vape and the battery holds up all day, and the fact that I can charge it and vape it at the same time comes handy when I'm pulling all-nighter which happens often as a college student. All in all, MVP 20w is a perfect machine for vaping. (Posted on 3/5/2015)
Great Device! - Review by
This is my first mod box, coming from V2 refillables. Vaping at 14W gets me over 700 puffs in a day without dying. I charge it nightly and have yet to have it die on me. Sturdy as a brick. (Posted on 2/26/2015)
excellent - Review by
I started with the gas station ecig. two months ago I bought the itazte mvp. Now I bought this 20 watt box. It blew my socks off. Talk about a device that gives you a perfect puff everytime. The power of this box blows the itazte mvp to pieces. I give it a two thumbs up. (Posted on 2/24/2015)
Step up! - Review by
I was using a variable voltage "Pen" until I got this monster and WOW! The difference is night and day. The volt/wattage adjustments are great for finding the sweet-sweet spot of your favorite juice. Combined with an Aspire Nautilus and I'm in heaven. This thing is practically indestructible. I've dropped it a few times and nothing...not a scratch or dent. Upgrade to this and you won't be sorry. (Posted on 2/21/2015)
Just got mine in today with some fresh juice and am loving it. After having a mod that only went to 11 watts and a 900Mah battery, this one is amazing. Im vaping at 14.5 comfortably.I'm happy. (Posted on 2/9/2015)
Quality Performance - Review by
I knew I wanted a box mod as soon as I starting researching VW devices. I'd seen people use the Itaste MVP 1 and 2, and also the DNA style mods. I knew that is the type of product I wanted. In the shops they were really expensive and I couldnt afford one, when I found Vapor Beast I was still a little pressed for money so I bought a Zmax Mini on Deal of the Day one night because it was on sale, then I realized I had to get batteries and a charger, I sought to save a little and buy an mod with an internal battery. Based on reviews and recommendations I found the MVP 20W, and I love it! Awesome battery life and cool features it beats the 15W mini, but not by much power wise. But the internal battery takes the cake! No sooner did I get this though I see reviews and product specs for the MVP 3.0, and now I'm wishing I would have waited a bit because of the higher wattage and sub-ohm capabilities. But all that aside, this device is amazing for the price and what it does. IF you are using a natilaus Mini or any kanger tech with low resistance coils you have a great vape! (Posted on 2/9/2015)
10/10 - Review by
I'm new to the vaping community and after building my first vape, I learned you guys really take care of your customers. The product ofcourse was perfect for my vaping needs but more than that, my item arrived a day late and still only took three days getting to me in Florida. I was worried free shipping meant "might take a month" but they were really on the ball. Customer service, product, and purchasing experience was exceptional. (Posted on 2/4/2015)
awesome device - Review by
Finally just got mine from the mailman. Had my new innokin gladius tank filled and ready to be vaped. Its an amazing smaller then I thought device. Great vapor and taste with this combo. For the price it was a great purchase. My package had a delayed transit but it finally made it to Ohio. Will definitely order from vaporbeast again! (Posted on 2/4/2015)
Great product. Great price. Fast shipping - Review by
Awesome first mod. Great price and super fast shipping. I ordered Saturday around midnight and got it today in Atlanta. I look forward to doing more business with you all. (Posted on 1/28/2015)
Blown away - Review by
Been vaping 6years have bought a lot of stuff. I've never experienced such fast and free shipping and I live on the east coast! love my new MVP 20w and the price! Thank you Vapor beast ! I will be ordering plenty more! you guys Rock! (Posted on 1/26/2015)
I'll never go back - Review by
But seriously though, this thing puts all other products to bed. 10/10 would recommend. (Posted on 1/23/2015)
1st time Vaper; quit "cold-turkey" with this - Review by
I had been doing a lot of research about vaping as I was ready to quit my 1-pack-every-day-and-a-half cigarette habit. I read blogs where 1 person said he smoked 3 packs per day and stopped after he started vaping. I was skeptical.

About 4-5 years ago, i bought an ecig kit (not going to slam them here - but it was the ones that look like a cig) that I used to try and quit the real thing with, but they produced very little vapor, did not have a good throat hit, and I still smoked real cigs at the same time.. So it was just another waste of money. My skepticism kept me away from trying it again - until now.

A co-worker of mine was using a VV/VW mod and I inquired about how he liked it. He explained to me how it worked, and I could see the vapor that it produced. So throughout my 2 weeks of research, I kept finding myself land on Innokin products - more specifically the MVP line. I saw that the 2.0 was out, but then a 20W was on the verge of being released. I decided to pull the trigger. I bought the MVP 20W (White), iClear 30s, and the Kick Ash e-liquid (Tobacco Flavor w/nicotine) It was easy to assemble, fill, and charge. I have used it for 8 days and about 600 puffs (has puff counter). The light is still green (will go to yellow, then red) so the battery lasts a long time. I have about a half of container left of e-juice, and am still on the 1st coil (still tastes as good as it did the day I got it). The best part is that I had a half of pack of Marb Lights when the kit arrived, and I smoked 1 of those cigs while it was initially charging, and haven't smoked since.

I used the code TENTASIC which got me $10 off, so this will probably be the best purchase that I will make all year. Very impressed with the products and Vaporbeast.com. Each order I made (2 so far) both arrived in 2 days (the first order was on a Saturday!). VB has gained yet another lil beast to their crew!! Thanks VB!
(Posted on 1/23/2015)
This thing is incredible , no comparison between it and the I stick , this is much better .

Passionate reviewer's name is really Dissonance and he worships everything iStick , i mean reallyworships , i wouldn't take anything he says seriously .

I however have both this and the iStick and the MVP 20 watt destroys in in every area .
(Posted on 1/12/2015)
Good for beginner and intermediate vapors - Review by
I love the fact that Vapor Beast pays attention to affordable pricing and obtaining authentic merchandise. For $40 it's a fair price for what you get and an improvement to the MVP 2.0. An increase of 9 watts, more voltage output and smart chip processor make it a worthy upgrade. If you had to go with this or the i Stick I would go with the i Stick, it's better all around and will save you a few bucks but either one will work great. Features are pretty much the same just different ergonomics. If you are a huge fan of the MVP and simply wish to stick with it and upgrade from your 2.0 then this would be it. Vapor Beast stocks the best and ships fast. (Posted on 1/3/2015)
Never mind about the clone comment - Review by
I missed a few numbers (Posted on 12/31/2014)
You need one or two of these... - Review by
Unbelievable battery power for under forty bucks!! Mine came charged and I've been vaping the heck out of it for 2 days and it still shows green on the charge indicator. I'm glad I waited until they decided to put the ego adapter in the box and not build it into the unit. It comes with a quality ego adapter and all my 510 tanks look awesome on it... even my Aerotank Giant!!!Super easy to use and fantastic power! I'm getting a second one before they run out of my color! (Posted on 12/28/2014)
Very Happy - Review by
This is what the MVP 2.0 should have been. It was already close to perfect and the 20watt version improves on it further giving us two things we wished were on the MVP 2.0.
First, you get a separate Ego adapter allowing for a recessed 510 connection and second, more power! The jump to 20 watts gives you a much better range of settings. The only other thing I would have liked to have seen is a better display where I could turn the volts/watts down instead of going around the horn.
Great value. No reason not to get one.
(Posted on 12/28/2014)
Great Product! - Review by
I have had this for a few days now and I am loving it. I am currently running it with an Aspire Nautilus so I am not using it to its full potential (using only 10-12 watts) but it is perfect for what I need, and that is a reliable and sturdy mod with long battery life. The vv/vw makes vaping so enjoyable and keeps things simple. The size is perfect and makes for a comfortable carry for those wanting to carry it at work and during normal activities. It is smaller than an iPhone 4, just a tad thicker. The battery is even better, can get 2.5-3 days easily while vaping often. Only complaint is that the buttons for the vv/vw screen rattle a little bit, nothing worth griping about but needs to be mentioned. All other buttons are wonderful and have good resistance. (Posted on 12/27/2014)