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Thank you Vapor Beast for the great deal on the MVP 2.0! Shipping was free and SUPER fast! From CA to MI in 3 business days.. can't beat that! Will definitely do business again! The freebies were cool too! – Melissa W.

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I just wanted to thank you guys for the excellent prices, fast shipping, sticker and fill bottle with my purchase (which I was surprised about). You have exceeded my expectations and I will be a loyal costumer from here on out. Again thank you very much – Casey T.

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i just wanted your team to know that i recieved my order today in the mail, and would like to thank you for your excellent customer service! – Andrew S.

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My name is Dustin F. and I am the owner of Vapeway in Bangor, Maine. Vaporbeast has been my go to wholesaler since I opened my shop in March of 2015. I love everything that you stand for and your product selection and pricing is phenomenal. However, this email does not pertain to any of that as I wanted to let you know what an awesome team you have working for the beast. I've been working with Roy Oelschlager for a few months now… – Dustin F.

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These guys ROCK! I have placed two very small orders so far, shipped same day as ordered and received in my mailbox in Florida two days later. Thank You! – Cathy N.

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Innokin iClear 30 Dual Coil Clearomizer 3 mL - Clear

Innokin iClear 30 Dual Coil Clearomizer 3 mL - Clear

12 Review(s)

BEASTLY BECAUSE: A new VaporBeast staff favorite! The iClear 30 utilizes a rotatable mouth piece with an innovative 360 degree rotating design. These mouth pieces are designed to swivel around, providing a more comfortable and enjoyable vape! Most importantly, these tanks offer tremendous vapor production and great flavor. They are also among the easiest tanks on the market to fill!



The Innokin iClear 30 is the first dual coil clearomizer with a replaceable atomizer head. This tank is inexpensive to maintain and offers huge amounts of vapor and flavor.

  • 510 connection
  • 3 ml e-liquid chamber
  • Pivoting mouth piece with 360 degree rotating design
  • Replaceable dual coil heads

Customer Reviews

Love at first sight, but watch out after the honeymoon - Review by
The Iclear 30 is a solid clearomizer, but after owning for a while, some bigger problems have become pretty obvious.

First off, the flavor's great. Compared to the I30s, (Still my more favorite of the two) the device gives a great amount of taste and vapor. Easy to disassemble and clean, but that's really to be expected with such a simple clearo.

Now, the problems. The dual coils on this are great, and taste awesome as I said before, but the silicone coil cap is just awful. Dry burning your coils should be a snap, but I've found once you've taken this apart even once, the cap loses it's grip and then it's gurgle city - reducing the overall lifespan for me, since I hate having to blow this out every time I pick it up. I'm not exaggerating there, either. I rarely have not had these leak after cleaning, and I've checked over every inch to make sure it's not an error on my end. Still, come vape time I sound like I'm at the bottom of my drink.

If you're a beginner, get something else. These are often packaged with great starter devices, so save some hassle and pick up the Iclear 30s tanks. They're the same kind of easy to use tank, less scary then a bottom coil for you newbies, and most importantly, almost never leak. If you're willing to learn, just get a Nautilus Mini.
(Posted on 8/25/2014)
Most impressive, Young Vapewalker. Most Impressive - Review by
My kid broke my ViVi Nova, and someone suggested this. I had never ordered from VaporBeast thought I had heard great things, and my usuall go-to didn't have them in stock. The awesomeness of speed that it got here and ease of ordering is only overshadowed by the iClear itself. An amazing vape, great tastes and vapor production. Thanks for everything! (Posted on 1/26/2014)
Excellent Clearomizer - Review by
I like this one a lot, as the other reviewers have mentioned it produces a ton of vapor and is durable. My only critiques are that it is VERY top heavy since the tip is made of some hefty metal and there is sometimes a slight metallic taste. (Posted on 1/26/2014)
Like It! - Review by
Have used this for two days heavily and it is great. Flavor, taste and TH all great! No dry hits.Wish I could use my favorite drip tips, but maybe they'll fix this in the future. Well worth the purchase price. (Posted on 1/26/2014)
Flavor beast. - Review by
These things are bigger juice whores than my genies, but man the flavor is great for a clearo. I have to run this hotter because of the duals but its still great and NO leaks.
(Posted on 1/26/2014)
So, So... - Review by
I wasn't too impressed. The metal mouthpiece is cold and metal... The tank is plastic and it's easy to cross thread the top when putting it back together.

It's a little airy when vaping.
(Posted on 1/26/2014)
hands down - Review by
I never leave reviews, but I figured I would since I have tried dozens of attys & cartos, literally dozens. This one is hands down the BEST!!
It's super easy to maintain and comes apart so easy for cleaning/coil replacement.
Everyone has their own preference; regardless this one is definitely worth a try, you wont be disappointed.
this sounds silly, but I often vape in my bed lying down, so the rotatable head works great... no dripping since I can just angle it up... genius! lol
(Posted on 1/26/2014)
SO IMPRESSED!!! - Review by
Wow!! What a complete 360 from vaping on a Stardust. When I got my Vamo kit from VaporBeast and used the Srardust tanks that came with it, I gave to admit I was a tad disappointed in its performance and taste. I just now received the 2 Iclear 30's I purchased for my roommate and myself and WOW what a complete surprise. My juices have come to life and all without a single dry hit!! I love this thing. This is my second order from Vaporbeast and shipping was once again super quick!! 2 days!! I will continue to shop here!! Thanks again VaporBeast!!! (Posted on 1/26/2014)
Where did my juice go? - Review by
Well the dual coil seems to do its job I burn through eliquid 2x as fast. Also the drop tip tapers almost closed by the mouth piece so I cant "q-tip" the inside of the drip tip without unscrewing it. NBD I do this because of all the juice condensation I get form vaping so much. KILLER throat hit most people cant take it when I hand them just 12mg 70pg 30vg. All in all NEVR had a dry hit it's great. the stock wicks fall apart very easily don't play with them to much if your washing or cleaning. So its a WONDERFUL product makes the flavor more intense but it burns juice to fast to be worth it, just my opinion. (Posted on 1/26/2014)
Best clearo yet! - Review by
I've tried them all. This one is the best IMO. Nuff said! (Posted on 1/26/2014)
best clearos there are! - Review by
Have wasted hundreds trying different setups the iclear30s and there lil bro the iclear16s perform the best and last the longest..Do the vaporchase mod on these(search youtube)and nothing produces vapor and lasts like these.Now i just need replacement heads when they get back in stock hint hint :) thanks beast for another great product! (Posted on 1/26/2014)
AMAZING! - Review by
I love this clearo. I have had zero wicking issues and the flavor is amazing. My wife didn't notice I was using a different tank until she noticed the plume of vapor I was blowing. Some people say not to use this on an Ego? Works great on my Ego Twist at 4.4 volts. Easy to clean, easy to fill. Don't miss out on this one! (Posted on 1/26/2014)