Jesse from A Billion Lives

Vapor Beast Founder and family meet Jesse, one of the Producers from a BILLION LIVES…the documentary on Vaping. Awesome guy! Check out their FB page and give them a LIKE!

Beer & Pizza!

VaporBeast team members out tonight enjoying a little beer and pizza at a local micro brewery.  Good times had by all!    

Meet the Beasts-Steve

Welcome to another installment of ‘Meet the Beasts’. This week we dive into the enigmatic phantom that is Steve Venzor. Steve, a man shaped by the haunting echo of a synth filled pop era and a tragic love of the Dallas Cowboys. Hearing Steve sing A-ha’s “Take On Me” is a dead giveaway that he is an 80’s baby through

Meet the Beasts – Angel

For today’s ‘Meet the Beasts’, we’d like to introduce you to one of the Southern sweetie’s of the VaporBeast team. You may know her if you’ve ever called in and heard a pleasant voice on the other end or needed help getting a rebuild issue fixed. Quick to pick up and always a pleasure to be around, Angel truly is

Meet the Beasts – Gio

Welcome to this week’s MEET THE BEAST!  Today you will meet the very chill Giovanni, aka Gio or “G”!  He is the all around guy next door who is super down to earth and the best guy to hang out with.  He loves to kick it at the beach and catch some stellar California waves. If he is not at

Meet the Beasts – Sarah

For this week’s “Meet the Beasts” you will get to know Sarah Lu…The Heartbreak Kid. Little Mrs. Lu, is one of our foremost geeks and the wind behind our sails. Sarah is an absolute joy to work with! She has an awesome attitude and is someone we can always count on. We love Sarah for her calm professional demeanor, laugh

Meet the Beasts – Teddy BEAST!

Welcome to another segment of ‘Meet the Beasts’! You’ve probably spoken to him on several different occasions, or at the very least heard him referenced as our go-to-guy.  Now is your opportunity to get to know him just a little better.

Team Pic

VaporBeast is fortunate to have an amazing team.  We have a passion for this awesome industry and are having a ton of fun!