A Beastly Attitude


Dude, Where’s My Order?

As much as we don’t like to think it can happen to us, sometimes shipping an item goes bad. Big packages, small packages, boxes, envelopes, post cards. Nobody likes it, but let’s face it, it does happen.

Vape Gear Has Landed!

Have you ever wondered what vape gear looks like before it hits the warehouse shelves and arrives at your doorstep?  Anybody want to take a guess at what’s inside?

Beer & Pizza!

VaporBeast team members out tonight enjoying a little beer and pizza at a local micro brewery.  Good times had by all!    

Team Pic

VaporBeast is fortunate to have an amazing team.  We have a passion for this awesome industry and are having a ton of fun!

Behind The Scenes at VaporBeast

  Check out this behind the scenes look at VaporBeast!  There’s always something to do, especially on a Monday morning.  We have a great team!